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RFG Cable Tensioner



Stressing Jack

All Steel construction with hardchrome plated rods.  Bronze overlay on pistons and glands.

Capacity:  Theoretically 25 tonne at 10,000PSI (700 Bar approx), Also we have 10 tonne model.

Stroke:  150mm standard

Weight:  18kg

Centre Hole:  24mm diameter

Strand Size:  .6 standard wedgeset for 15.2mm cable


Power Pack

Housed in all Aluminiun carry tray and oil tank

Length:  500mm

Width:  290mm

Height:  365mm top of handles

Air Supply:  20CFM (.57m³/min.) and 100PSI (7 Bar) at the pump.  Air pressure should be regulated to a maximum of 140PSI (9 Bar).

Pump Unit:  Fitted with hand operated bi-directional valve to operate double acting stressing jack through two 3 metre long hydraulic hoses.  Pump activated by foot operated pedal.  Fitted with airline lubricator and filter/water separator.

Oil Pressure:  Internal relief valve set at 10,000PSI (700 Bar approx)


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